How to edit the Jason.config file on cloud deployment?

I have read the docs but never saw where it specified how to edit the config file on cloud deployment. The reason I need to do this is to install custom bots, to fix this issue here: [SOLVED] Users automatically joining multiple public channels - #3 by lenusch

Hi @ThoryCobra15, welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

You can edit the cloud configuration with mmctl. To do so, download the binary onto your local computer, there are releases for several architectures available, pick the one that suits best for you:

Then use the mmctl auth login command to login to your cloud instance:

$ mmctl auth login --help
Login into an instance and store credentials

  mmctl auth login [instance url] --name [server name] --username [username] --password-file [password-file] [flags]

  auth login
  auth login --name local-server --username sysadmin --password-file mysupersecret.txt
  auth login --name local-server --username sysadmin --password-file mysupersecret.txt --mfa-token 123456
  auth login --name local-server --access-token myaccesstoken

  -t, --access-token-file string   Access token file to be read to use instead of username/password
  -h, --help                       help for login
  -m, --mfa-token string           MFA token for the credentials
  -n, --name string                Name for the credentials
      --no-activate                If present, it won't activate the credentials after login
  -f, --password-file string       Password file to be read for the credentials
  -u, --username string            Username for the credentials

Once you’re logged in, you can then use the command mmctl config edit to edit your configuration.