Mmctl edit - how to save config changes?

When I run mmctl --local config edit, saving the changes ends up in a tmp file. What do do next?

Steps to reproduce
I am using an omnibus installation.
I run mmctl --local config edit and make some changes. Once I press save in the editor, it asks to save the file in /tmp.
I can do that, but how do I then make the changes “stick”? How do I make MatterMost know that this new file is the right config file?

Expected behavior
I had expected it would save the file by replacing the old one.


Hi @maigaard ,

mmctl config edit will pull the config out of the database and write it in a tempfile (this is the one you’re seeing) and it will then open $EDITOR for you to edit the config. Once you save the file and close the editor, the configuration will be validated and written back to the database automatically. You can think of mmctl config edit as an easy way or a text-editor interface to the config attribute in the database, so to answer your question, the changes will be persisted immediately after you saved the changes in the file and closed the editor (if they’re valid).

Thank you. This works :slight_smile: