Mobile devices always showing as offline

When using Mattermost on iPhone and iPad it always seems as though it’s offline and ‘connecting…’

Is there a way to show as online all the time if the app is open as it appears that I am offline to colleagues when I am active.

Any ideas how to resolve?

@Graham Can you help take a look at this troubleshooting doc:

Hello, @Graham

I experience the same behavior that you shared where I was actually active in the mobile app but my status icon in the conversation does not show the :white_check_mark: icon. However, it is not constantly reproducible and it will just go away after I set my status back to Online.

Can you please share the Mattermost Server and Mattermost iOS app version that you are using so I can try to reproduce it since you mentioned that it always shows that you are offline and connecting?

May I know if you also experience this when you are connected through various network (mobile data vs. WiFi connection)?

@amy.blais Thanks but your recommended doc did not help. However I have asked my IT team about “server uses NGINX”.

@ahmaddanial I am using Mattermost V1.23.1 on an iPhone 7 Plus with IOS 12.4.1. On my iPad I have the same V1.23.1 version of Mattermost and am running IOS 10.3.3.

It does not matter if I am using 4G or Wifi, on mobile or Ipad, the issue is the same. The grey connecting bar stays on permanently and I’m classed as Offline. I click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and click on the Offline bar to change status. I select Online and it goes Green tick for 2 seconds and then drops back to Offline again.

Sorry I am new to Mattermost and not sure I should share the server I am using as unsure of the risks of giving this information out. Hopefully you can review what I have written and provide insight should you see a common thread.

Here is another troubleshooting doc that may help: