New channels not visible in a team

i created new public channels in a team.
Other users of the team can’t see the new channels and can’t join.
Any ideas to solve this problem?

thx a lot!

Any ideas for this behaviour?

Is the “Team Settings” > “Allow any user with an account on this server to join this team” set to “Yes”?

What do you mean specifically by “Other users of the team can’t see the new channels and can’t join” - do you have reproduction steps?

What Mattermost server version are you on?

Hi, we use

Mattermost Team Edition

Mattermost-Version: 6.3.3

This is the view of the team-admin:


This ist the view of a team-member. There are no new channels visble in the category "KJP Kampagne 2022"

What do the users see if they click on the “+” sign next to the team name? Are they able to browse channels?

Yes, see screenshot:

It’s possible for the users to browse the channels.
But they still not visble at the left menu.

What happens when they click the “Join” button next to the channel name? Is this happening on webapp or desktop app? Are there server errors in Mattermost logs?

On Webapp. User joins the channel.
There is also no category showing after joining.


Apr 05 17:13:40 {"timestamp":"2022-04-05 15:13:40.470 Z","level":"warn","msg":"Failed to get membership","caller":"app/channel.go:2868","error":"resource: ChannelMember id: channelId=i5qg8mxqyfgbujenmi68kip77r, userId=39dj1bkcipn3mx1ho6wx9ujzre"}

@hmhealey @agnivade Let us know if you have any additional thoughts on this issue.

Maybe this issue could be related [Solved] Channels disappear after upgrading - #2 by ulysse68.

It definitely sounds like it’s failing to properly add the user to the channel.

Which version of Mattermost are you on? That’ll give us a better idea of what might be causing that warning to be printed.

Also, is that warning printed right when the user joins the channel or when they try to view it afterward?

Perhaps you could also try changing the log level in the System Console under Environment > Logging to see if any more information shows up. If you change it to DEBUG level, then you’ll get a log message for each HTTP request, so we can hopefully see which ones are failing

Hi, we use:

Mattermost Team Edition

Mattermost-Version: 6.3.3

No, only in the logfile

I’ll try this, thank you!

Thanks for the version number. So that warning is coming from some logic which is trying to track that the user viewed a channel, but that still seems to point to the user having not been added to the channel properly to begin with. Here’s a link to that code in case it matters for future reference.

I think that’d still mean we should see an earlier error or warning about that when the web app tries to join the channel. Technically, a user can load posts and such for a public channel like this without being a member, but the vast majority of the logic (like the sidebar and the code linked above) assumes that a ChannelMember object would’ve been created by this point.