New log messages after upgrading

Did upgrade to MM v7.7.2rc just now and noticed a new message in my logs:

mattermost-app    | {"timestamp":"2023-01-27 16:43:31.530 +01:00","level":"info","msg":"api endpoint 
requires a license","caller":"web/context.go:115","path":"/api/v4/users/kadhajhx3bd4pjbct4ua58b56h/groups","request_id":"drwtu7xpmir9zryibedyx1r1ih","ip_addr":"xxxxx","user_id":"yyyy","method":"GET","err_where":"","http_code":501,"error":": API Endpunkt benötigt eine Lizenz"}`

How can I determine what component/plugin/etc. requires a license?

Hi tomz,

that’s an interesting find and I can reproduce that. It seems as if mobilev2 is causing this by accessing the API endpoint GetGroupsByUser. There’s no mention in the docs that this endpoint requires a license now and I’m also absolutely unsure about why the error message is in German here. Anyways, it’s not a problem of your installation, this is something that has been there for quite some time now, but I can confirm this API call works when you have a license installed and on my system, it’s returning my LDAP and custom group memberships (both being enterprise features), so I think this is being caused by newer clients trying to request this information when olders didn’t.

So nothing to worry about, just a bit annoying because it adds noise to the log?

Exactly, the client calls a feature which is enterprise-only without checking first if there’s a license. I’ve already brought this to the attention of the developers, hope that this gets fixed soon, but for now, just ignore it, please.