Newbie question, comparing to MS Teams

In MS Teams, messages are accidentally recognized as “read”, and boldfacing (marking unread msgs) is removed.

Is there an option in Mattermost, to force active acknowledgment (to make sure that a specific user has really read a message? - Sorry for the newbie question, but I failed to find the answer, neither in the docs, nor in the demo.

inadequate support (no answer after one week) is a very strong argument against further evaluation. too bad :disappointed_relieved:

Do you mean something like the green checkmark on whats app? No this doesn’t exist in Mattermost

@JtheBAB: I’m not on WhatsApp - but as far as I understand, the “green checkmark” (next to the header in a chat) identifies an “Official business account” - no this is not what I meant.

I’m looking for kind of a read receipt, but other than the double blue checkmark in WhatsApp not denoting that recipient has (even inadvertently) opened your message.

Instead, when sender requests such read receipt, recipient would explicitely be requested to tick the message as read, and the read receipt would only appear at the sender’s site, after recipient has ticked it (e.g. for legally binding communication that must be proved to be received by the intended recipient)

Yeah sorry meant the blue tick. I am also not on WhatsApp :smile:

But what you are searching doesn’t exist in the product right now.

See here and here

Thanx @JtheBAB, that’s exactly what I was looking for. As this feature would be necessary in our businees, my evaluation of MM ends here. [très grand soupir]