Nextcloud integration and Collabora integration

Hi guys & girls.

Ive seen a Github thread about integrating Nextcloud with Mattermost. I updated it to include the idea for also integrating Collabora document editing. my users are requesting these features repeatedly. Im happy to pay a bouny to get this but dont know what that sum might be.

Can anyone help?

Thhis is the thread on Github.

Hi @MozzieAU,

We have a Feature Request open here but we’ve been unable so far to find someone from Nextcloud to help with setting up an integration with Mattermost: Any help with the contribution is welcome!

Hi Amy,

Indeed, it’s a sought after feature. We don’t have any developers in our organisation so we can’t do any of the work but were entirely happy to negotiate a suitable fee to pay for the integration. Just need to know what that might be.



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Hello, I propose a very specific integration Nextcloud Deck / Mattermost in Integration with Nextcloud Deck: webhook and/or slash : do you think @amy.blais it could be a good idea? Would anybody be ready to help? Indeed, I don’t have a lot of skills in this matter :frowning:Thanks!