No Notifications on Android (LineageOS17)

Hi @fbartels,

Thank you very much for this hint. In this case i will try to flash microG on his device.
See if this solves the problem.


unfortunately it is quite difficult to say when we last tested in march. But there should be two push entries per postID at the same time. We have tested the notifications with two devices at the same time.

Deeply sorry to bump an almost two years thread, but as I have the exact same observed behavior, I feel it’s better to continue the discussion instead of creating a duplicate.

@gecc0 Were you able to flash microG, and if so did it fix the issue ? I’d like to have a confirmation before I reinstall my device with it.

I understand why missing the GApps renders the push unusable, since we can’t connect to the Google servers serving them. Would it be theoretically be possible, though, to bypass it ? I know we can setup our own server with mattermost-push-proxy or something like it, but if I understand correctly, these softs are still making requests to a Google API. Wouldn’t it be possible to have our device registered directly on our server, which would then send the push directly ? Is there a project like it somewhere ?

I’ve been searching for a few days now, and banging my head against the wall for other reasons in the meantime, so if I missed an obvious doc or reason why it’s not possible, sorry. -_-