Non-programming trying to understand what's possible

Are there any features (or extensions) for mattermost that might provide for the addition of static “Posts” as Slack and Ryver have? I assumed there would be, as that feature is used extensively in every Slack or Ryver chat that I have used in the past 2 years. Yet I can find no mention of this feature, existing or planned., anywhere.

Am I just missing it?

(If not, and you’re a developer, I’d discuss hiring you for a custom solution.)

What do you mean by “static Posts” exactly? I’m a Slack user, and am confused about what you are referring to.

I am fairly sure he is talking about this

Prixone is correct. Slack allows you to post “documents” but does of bad job of letting you find them. Ryver has a much better model where the “posts” are on another tab. This is how the all should work (at minimum). You just click the top tab to see the posts associated with a channel. We used this feature constantly.

Hi @Metawrangler,

At the moment, we don’t have this feature in Mattermost but if you’d like to create a feature suggestion on our forum you and others will be able to up-vote it so it can gain popularity. You have a total of 10 votes.


That’s nice. Because up votes will ensure about the post quality.

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