Folded Reply Threads

I’ve found this thread from February 2019, but did it ever turn into anything? Are folded reply threads possible in Mattermost?

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Hey @aayla and welcome to the community!

We’re continuing the conversation in the ~Folded Reply Threads channel in our community server about the design:

We also have an updated specification for this feature - would love to hear your feedback, and if you have any additional use cases to share

cc @adamjclarkson

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I’m setting up a server for about 1-2k active users and roughly 5k total. Not having folded reply threads is an absolute dealbreaker and makes mattermost a completely unusable Slack alternative.

Hello, @aayla

I have mentioned you in the channel to capture the use case and feedback that you have on the importance of having this requirement in Mattermost. Feel free to share more insight and ideas there. Thanks.