Not sure how to report this bug


I think I found a bug, I’d like to help report it. Not sure where to do so.

Steps to reproduce

In the System Console - Email Notifications, test a connection with gmail smtp but make sure the password is in plaintext in the field. The connection test will work.

Save the config, return to team messaging, then enter system console again. The same test, with the password hid behind asterisks, no longer works.

Expected behavior

A config that is set up correctly should always test successfully. Need to pull the password correctly before testing.

Observed behavior

The page test led me to believe I was failing whenever I came back to the test page. So I kept resetting the config and trying again. I chased a non-existent problem for a long time. My config was correct. The test was not.

Hi @dmills, thanks for letting us know! This bug will be fixed in the release of Mattermost v3.3 on August 16.

Please also see our process for reporting bugs for future reference.