Notification server fails

I followed instructions and set up notification server as I dont suppose works for push notifications to Android.
When testing with curl, I get this error:
{“error”:“mismatched sender id”,“status”:“FAIL”}

I assume I shoul dprovide sender_id as serverID from google, but I dont know where to supply this information.

Any ideas

Hello, @ga5tan

I would like to understand this part a little better:

Is the Mattermost Server that you are running on has a firewall that blocks connection to the default (US) and (Germany) listed in the documentation?

Can you also share the documentation / article you referred to when setting up the notification server you mentioned? Also, can you also provide the full cURL command you used for testing?

Well I’ll be damned. I think we unfirewalled and now it works with your server.
So that’s a good news. But since you advertise your test server may not be stable enough, I would like to make hosted push working.
This is the documentation I followed:

and it seems to be working (curl test) to the point, where push server talks to google services/api
but google does not like all the info supplied.

Hello, @ga5tan!
Did you decide this problem with issue "mismatched sender id’?
I have the same when I deploy Mattermost Push Proxy and I cannot find decision(

Hi, @ga5tan

Can you share specifically which step are you at right not and what error are you getting on your end? That will help to give a better idea on the issue that we are dealing with here.

You can also share your systemd unit file (with sensitive information removed) and the mattermost-push-proxy.json too.