Performance degradation when channel categories are enabled

Enabling channel categorization in version 5.29 slows screen display performance when many channels are participating

Steps to reproduce
①Number of participating channels: 100 or more
②Enabling the experimental sidebar feature
③Login as a user who meets ①
④It takes more than 1 minute to display the screen when the channel is changed.

Is it possible to support with a configuration such as Nginx to improve performance?
If you have any reference information, please let us know.

Would you be open to upgrading to a more recent version? We support server v5.31 and above, and we’ve done some performance related bug fixes in the recent releases.

Amy Blais Thank you for your answer.

We will consider upgrading.

I want to reduce the number of events before upgrading, so if you have any reference information about tuning the Mattermost configuration (Mattermost, Nginx, MySQL, etc.), can you please tell me?
If you have the necessary information, we will prepare it as much as we can, so please let us know.

Number of users: Approximately 1000
Total number of posts: Approximately 600,000
Number of active users: After 900 names (per day)