Platform export command doesn't output anything

I’m having difficulty with the platform export command, which doesn’t seem to be exporting any data. I’m using a Mattermost-Docker docker container to serve my server and web client with various test users chatting, and I’d like to export those chat logs. According to platform CLI documentation, I should be able to export data with the platform export command.

I’ve set the MessageExportSettings.EnableExport setting in the config.json file to true, and the export command I’m using, platform export --format=actiance --exportFrom=0 --timeoutSeconds=0, exits fine with a 0 code. Although, there isn’t any exported data file in my current working directory, or anywhere in the Mattermost directory that I’m aware of.

I am running Mattermost 4.5.0 Team Edition.

Hi @ahung-se,

Thanks for your feedback,

There are some notes in the documentation specific to Docker install that I just wanted to be sure you’ve seen?