Popup not appearing in Desktop application

Hi Team,

I am creating a plugin for mattermost.
I used ReactDOM.createPortal() and opening a new window inside the portal using window.open().
On click of a button, a new window is opening in web with the component which i mount to the window.
But somehow, this functionality is not working in desktop application.
I tried it on windows desktop application.

Can anyone please help on this.


Hi @Mahipal,

Thanks for your feedback,

Are there any errors in the logs that you can share with us?

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Hi Lindy,

TypeError: Cannot read property 'document' of null
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'document' of null

It logs these 2 errors in Developer Tool for windows application and the Mattermost application crashes after it.
Also shows popup of windows store to look for a new tool to open it .

Please let me know in case i am missing something out.


I have posted a question on another forum to get some idea about it with a code snippet.
Please check here in case you need to know what i am doing in my code.

After I build the plugin, this works fine in web-browser but not in windows application.

Hi @Mahipal,

Thanks for your feedback,

I’m not sure whether you’ve had a look at our Windows server installation doc? There might be something useful in the doc…