Post.Message has size restrictions

What is the meaning of this log line ?

{"timestamp":"2023-02-06 17:33:07.049 +01:00","level":"info","msg":"Post.Message has size restrictions","caller":"sqlstore/post_store.go:2399","max_characters":16383,"max_bytes":65535}


Mattermost version 7.1.5


this is just an informational message that tells you that posts are limited in size. Do you need to increase the post size in your setup or are you just curious about the logmessage?

My server keep crashing, and try to figure out why. I’ve supposed that can be related, but it seems not that! Thanks for help.

No, it’s no related - but do you have any logs for the crashes? Can you describe your deployment in a few words (docker, binary, omnibus, etc.) and the crash itself (when does it happen? how often does it happen? is it reproducible?)?