Prebuilt iOS Application? (Solved: January 2016)


Super glad to see that an iOS app has been released with version 1.3.0 . This might allow our team to move to Mattermost! : ).

As I am the only person in the team developing on a mac but don’t have an apple developer account I would not want to spend 99 bucks just to deploy a mattermost app.

Will there be a prebuilt Mattermost app on the Apple App Store?


Within the post in the blog, they are talking about an app within the appstore in January 2016

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Ah, great, thanks!
I didn’t see that one, only the one above with the link to github release.

Presumably this will be on iOS and Android? Will it support notifications?

Has anyone been able to use the MM app from the app store? I seem to get booted out immediately after logging in to my team site each time

AFAIK currently there’s only an iOS app (note: I’m just a Mattermost user, I only know what I read on Github).

The Mattermost devs are free to correct me, but from my skimming of the code it looks like push notifications follow the same rules as email notifications. (I’d actually also like the option to subscribe to all activity on some channels, more like desktop notifications)

Hope that helps.

I’ve just spun up a test server and pasted the test URL as suggested for use with the pre-built app, and it’s not working, just disabled without error when you reload the page, and the notifications don’t work still… Nothing happens…

Is there any instructions about how to use this anywhere?

@mls5181, appreciate the feedback, could you help start a new thread with repro steps?

@unknowndomain, sorry about that, there’s a known issue in Mattermost v1.3 (already fixed on master) where the “Save” button isn’t working. You can edit config.json to switch on push notifications manually.

Couldn’t read anything about a pre-built iOS app in the last 1.4 release… This means it’s still only possible to have an iOS app distributed by an apple dev within the team?

For us it’s not worth spending cash on an apple dev account for just this issue : /.

Just found it:

However, the push notification service states the following as requirements (

  1. Having either compiled the Mattermost iOS app and submitted it to the Apple App Store, or hosted in your own Enterprise App Store.
  2. Private and public keys obtained from the Apple Developer Program

Is it still possible to use the notification service with the mattermost app from the iTunes app store?

Hi @Timoses

There’s been some internal discussion and the thinking now is that:

  1. The reference implementation of the open source iOS app in iTunes and the push notification service created for testing could be used for small teams who aren’t yet ready to deploy their own versions.
  2. If you are a small team choosing to use the test implementation for regular communication, it’s recommended you join the Mattermost Insider’s Mailing List to receive any updates about the service.
  3. If you’re an enterprise, we highly encourage you to self-host the open sourced components to have the most control over your infrastructure.