Pressing CTRL+ALT+P blocks the input field on the Windows Desktop App

If I press CTRL+ALT+P (commonly used with the US International keyboard layout to type the ö umlaut), the cursor in the input field disappears. Pressing the key combination again types the desired letter and fixes it.

Steps to reproduce
(Version 5.1.1) Open any chat and type CTRL+ALT+P in the input field. Use the key combination again to fix it. Alternatively, the app has to be restarted. Tested on multiple keyboard layouts and machines (all Windows 10).

Expected behavior
CLTR+ALT+P inserts the character ö (with the US International keyboard layout) and does nothing when using a keyboard layout that does not have a character assigned to that combination.

Observed behavior
When pressing the key combination, the symbols below the input field (bold, italic, …) become greyed out and the caret disappears.


I can confirm that, although it does not happen in the thread view for me, only in the “main view”, that is directly in the channel pane.
Can you try to click on “reply” for any given message and in the right hand side bar which pops up try to reproduce the CTRL-ALT-p problem there?


Hi Alex,

indeed, I can’t reproduce the problem in the thread view. Thanks for your reply!


You’re welcome. At least this can be used as a workaround for you if you want to reply to someone’s message; for new threads this will not work of course, but then, there’s still the “oe”-Workaround :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’ve started a 7.1.0-rc Deployment here to see if this is still an issue and the goods news: It’s not. So this problem has already been identified and fixed as it seems and it’s not client-side, but serverside.
I’m connected with my 5.1.1 desktop client to a 7.0.1 server and to a 7.1.0-rc server; the latter does not break when you type CTRL-ALT-p in the message formating toolbox.


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Just recognized that 7.1.1 got released today - so happy upgrading :slight_smile: