Private network installation help me

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I installed in vmware with mattermost 2.3.0 + mysql configuration.

We are planning to use it as an internal messenger to use in a closed network environment, so we downloaded mysql as an rpm package and installed it.

The server is an environment where external communication is not possible.
When accessing http://localhost:8065 after installation, only the loading mark operates on the white screen, and the Create Administrator Account page does not appear…

If you install it in an environment where the Internet is enabled in the same way, it works normally.

But I want to operate only on internal networks where external communication is not possible.

I wonder why not.
Is there a way?
If you look at the mattermost.log, you can see the log that cloudfront cdn url call failed. Is it a requirement?

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Hi @doohwan ,

you could try to disable Telemetry, although this behaviour is not OK in my opinion.