Problem with asterisk(*)

Whenever I message random password like strings for e.g new2023 to another user in mattermost, the receiving users are able to see the () characters in it. For example, if I send new2023, they see it as new2023 without the () characters. Only when two (*) appears in a string, mattermost hides these characters. Why is that? How do I show the special characters as-is in the received message? ( Escaping it with \ works ). Is there any settings/configuration to make it work normally?

Hi @kladizkov and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I’m not sure if it’s only Mattermost, it seems as if this is a generall markdown behaviour which you can also see here:

You can enclose passwords in all markdown supporting input fields with backticks, that’s the ` character.

Example with backticks: new2*02*3
Example without backticks: new2023

The * character is used to mark letters as bold in normal markdown, that’s why they disappear in normal text.

That is normal behaviour.