Qnap Mattermost - App Backup

Hi everyone,

iam a little lost. I’ve installed Mattermost on my Qnap NAS. Installation was done via the Qnap “AppStore”.

Everything works well. But: I dont have acess to comand line, nor do i see the Database File.

Does anyone has an idea how i can backup my data?

Ty in advance.

Could this thread help How to acces CLI on Qnap server?

Ty for your link.
I found that mattermost is installed in an system docker. I ve been able to connect to it via Putty. still cant access the db, it was installed automatically. Neither know name nor user / pw.
Im also terrible at Linux CLI.
Someone here that has sucessfully backuped a Mattermost Qnap installation and willing to walk a dummy like me throug it?

I have the same question and found this on the Qnap forum. Kind of a walk through.