Re-enabling account creation does not enable account creation

The button “Unable account creation” does not work. I disabled account creation to test. I was happy. Unfortunately, I should not have tried this option since, after re-enabling account creation, the feature is no longer working.

Steps to reproduce
Disable account creation. Test. Re-enable account creation. Not working anymore.

Expected behavior
Well, I thought that re-enabling account creation would re-enable account creation. It stubbornly refuses me to create new accounts.

Observed behavior
No error message. When input my domain name, there’s no more possibily to create accout. There’s only a panel to log in, but not to register a new account.


Do you see the option to sign up if you enable “Enable Open Server” setting? If it’s disabled, then new users can only sign up if they are invited.


Ah, OK I see. Thanks for the tip. It works.

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