How do you enable account creation?

After the initial admin user, I haven’t figured out how to make more users from the web interface.

Steps to reproduce
After a fresh install of self-hosted mattermost, navigate to
On first visit I am able to create an admin user. After that I cannot.

mattermost 6.2.1

I have already gone through the whole system console and changed any settings as needed. In particular on Authentication | Signup I have enabled both account creation and open server. I have also tried using the “invite link” I found in the “Town Square” but I think that is for inviting people who already have an account to join the team.

I also saw it suggested that the team needs to be open… not sure why, but it didn’t help.

I was able to use mmctl to create accounts.

Expected behavior
I expect to see a button for users to create a new account.

Observed behavior
I only see a log in page. It is exactly like in this issue: [SOLVED] The create account button not displayed

Resolved thanks to help in the peer-to-peer mattermost chat channel. “Authentication | Email Authentication | Enable account creation with email” needed to be true whether or not you are using email. The whole user account creation process could be better documented…

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I don’t see any way to edit the topic to mark it solved so I guess I will leave it as is.