[SOLVED] The create account button not displayed

I set up a new Mattermost 3.4.0 Team Edition,
but the create account button doesn’t display on the login page.
Login forms just display on it.

“Enable Account Creation” is true.
I can create user accounts by CLI but I want my team members to create their own accounts.

Could you tell me how to solve this?
Thank you.

I’m using
OS : CentOS 7.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Vagrant.
DB : MySQL 5.7.
Client : Firefox, Chrome, Mattermost Desktop

Hi @esodov

There are two ways your teammates can create their accounts

  1. Send them an invite link to the Team: Main Menu -> Get invite link -> Copy link and find a way for your teammates to get them
  2. In the System Console set Security -> Sign up -> Enable Open Server -> true

with the second option you have to make sure that also the Team is open so it can be found by your teammates, if there is no open teams then you’ll need to send them the invite

Hope this helps

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I got it.
It works fine.
Thanks a lot.