Renaming Inactive Users Without Sending Notification Mails

On our closed server, for personal data protection reasons (e.g. GDPR) it is mandatory to remove personal information like names or email addresses from the server if a user becomes inactive. (The same holds for public servers if a user requests to her/his data to be deleted.)

I can deactivate a user and change username and email through the CLI, but this will then still trigger notification mails towards the user that the user name and mail address was changed.

As these users are not members and do not have anything to do with our MM server in this case any more, I’d prefer pretty much to avoid spamming them (if the email address is even still valid at all).

So far, I could not find any feature to suppress these notification messages - did I miss something, or is it really not possible yet and I should add a feature request?

Hi GOhrner,

Interesting finding - I think the behaviour here is not good, because you will also get notified even if your account is inactive. Inactive Accounts never should get notifications for things happening on a server they’re not an active member of anymore, at least in my opinion.

The API itself (Mattermost API Reference) also triggers an e-mail to be sent, so at least from this perspective, there’s probably nothing you can do here.

The only way to work around this issue would be to manually update the e-mail address in the database, but that’s of course unsupported (but should work).

I was actually very surprised when I noticed that mails were sent to inactive users, I accidentally spammed a few of them… :-/

Maybe I should report a bug and/or feature request on this.

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Good idea and also a very useful “feature” (although I think it is a bug the way it is right now).