Turning email notifications off when creating a user

We use the Mattermost API to create users.

We really need the default setting for email notifications for new users to be OFF, so they don’t get emails. But we want users to be able to change it to on if they like.

The API login we use to create these users is not an admin.

We used to set notify_props: { email: false, comments: “any” } in the data passed to the user create call, and that worked. But it doesn’t work now.

Is there anything we can do?

In a test Mattermost server here, I think I may have solved the problem (I have yet to test it on the live server, which may be a different version).

I was setting email:false in my json. But debugging the web app calls, it sets email: "false". Perhaps the server does not understand the email flag as a bool, but as a string?