Renew Letsencrypt SSL certificate in Mattermost AWS

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I’ve just installed my Mattermost Team Edition v4.0 in my AWS EC2 instance. I’ve configured the TLS based on the documentation at

  1. Changed the Listeing address to :443
  2. Changed Connection Security to TLS
  3. Forward port 80 to 443 setting to TRUE

Ok now when I start the Mattermost service, it seems fine and works with no issue. Letsencrypt will automatically help me to install the certificate.

But there is one thing that I’m concerning about, since Letsencrypt SSL will only last for 90 days, is it going to renew the cert for me automatically after 90 days?

For your information I don’t have apache or nginx installed in my mattermost server.

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If you setup a schedule task, it will run and update it, yes.

The schedule task procedure is described at the bottom of the link you posted above:

Configure cron so that the certificate will automatically renew every month.

crontab -e

In the following line, use your own domain name in place of {domain-name}

@monthly /home/ubuntu/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto certonly --reinstall --nginx -d {domain-name} && sudo service nginx reload

Make sure you replace the paths with the ones you have used in your installation.

And since you don’t have nginx or apache you can skip this later part of the above command:

&& sudo service nginx reload


what about when i am using integrated Let’s encrypt?
So i enable port-forwarding, TLS and Let’s Encrypt in the config.json and my certs are generated correctly. How to renew them?

Because that way, you don’t install certbot or something else related.

In the documentation i found nothing. No information about that.