Failed apt upgrade to mattermost-omnibus 5.38.2-0

Hello All,

First post here,

Yesterday, mattermost-omnibus upgrade installation failed at Renew SSL Certificate.

rerun sudo dpkg-reconfigure mattermost-omnibus stuck at Renew SSL Certificate.
it is mattermost-omnibus version 5.38.2-0

usually ‘sudo apt upgrade’ works without any issues.
weird thing is, we did not encountered any issues upgrading our ‘development/test’ mattermost server to the same version using the same procedure. so when we proceed to apply the upgrade to one of our production mattermost server, we encountered this issue.

thank you in advance.

Hello, @mdz

Can I please confirm if you have attempted to upgrade again recently and did you run into the same problem?

We had a user reporting the same issue in which the root cause of the problem was actually related to the LetsEncrypt certbot. By default, it is not scheduled to renew SSL automatically unless you setup a cronjob to perform it as mentioned by one of the users here.

Please let me know how it goes on your end. Thanks,