Resend E-Mail Verification Mail

I wanted to access my Mattermost instance from the phone by using the Mattermost app from F-Droid.

However, when I try to log in (I am the System Administrator of the instance), it tells me, that my E-Mail is not verified, so I cannot log in. Unfortunately, I could find find a “Resend E-Mail Verification” button anywhere in the System Console. Apparently, I need the E-Mail verified, so I just want to verify it now.
E-Mail service is set up and notifications are working properly on the instance.

How do I resend the E-Mail Verification Mail on a per-user basis?

I found out, that one has to logout and login again, then you are presented with the option to resend the verification e-mail for your account. However, this is barely a workaround and by far not even close to a solution to my problem. Ideally, I would like to see the beautiful solution NodeBB provides.


I guess, this should be posted here?

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I have the same problem :((

Hi, @stellaa9x

Were you able to have it fixed by referring to the solution shared by @Akito earlier?

I could not find any specific information related to the stable release of Mattermost app from F-Droid apart from these articles:

May I know which of these app are you using?

That was not a solution, but an ugly workaround.

The solution is to e.g. mirror the feature that we have with NodeBB.