Right clicking and choosing Copy Image is broken

My version is 5.5.0

Steps to reproduce
Right-click on any picture in any channel. Choose Copy Image.
Try to paste the picture in another channel.

Expected behavior
Image is pasted.

Observed behavior

I think I found the bug. When trying to paste the image into a Word document, you see nothing. Pressing CTRL and choosing “Picture” shows the image. My guess: the metadata is incorrect.


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We have a ticket open here: [MM-54486] - Mattermost.

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Can you add my text into that ticket, as I don’t have access to it? It is not a problem of copying something from a browser, it is a problem with wrong metadata.



I don’t think that’s the only issue. I’m using 5.5.0 on macos and it’s not possible to move in images from other sources, i.e. browser → mattermost, and it’s not possible to copy & paste, “Paste” shows inside the mattermost message field, but it never actually pastes anything.

Using MM Community Server 9.0

Copy pasting images from outside MM or even within MM channels/threads stopped working after upgrading from 7.x to Mattermost Version: 8.1.2

This is restricting all our users greatly, and even after months we have not seen any update on this issue.

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This is now fixed in recent v8.1.4 dot release and for upcoming v9.2.0 release.

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