Unable to paste copied text from Word documents into chat

Copying text from Word and attempting to past the text into mattermost chat results in an image of the text being pasted, not the actual text. This just starting happening yesterday and only happens with word. Only happens with Word, can paste from other sources.

What Mattermost server version are you on? Are you seeing this on webapp or desktop app?

Desktop app. The server version is 5.28.1

Looks like it is a common problem.


Could someone please fix it?

It seem like a pretty common problem. I am also facing it. It really needs to be fixed.

Please refer to our existing GitHub issue for this problem. The issue is labeled as Help Wanted and is open for our community to take on the challenge. I’m going to lock this topic so we can consolidate discussion on GitHub. Thanks for reporting the problem!

For now, you can work around this issue by pasting content into a different text editor before copy/pasting into Mattermost.