Cannot copy & paste image from one chatroom to another

I used Mattermost for work. Before the recent update, I can copy & paste image from one chatroom to another.
For example, when a colleague sent me an event poster. I could copy that image and sent to other people to promote the event to them. However, now I can no long do that.

Steps to reproduce

  1. use ctrl+c to copy an image from chatroom named “A”
  2. use ctrl+v to paste it to chatroom named “B”
  3. no image was pasted

Expected behavior
Can use ctrl+c, ctrl+v to copy/paste image like before

Observed behavior
No error message, I just can’t paste image anymore.

This looks to be related to Right clicking and choosing Copy Image is broken. We have a ticket open for this here [MM-54486] - Mattermost.

Hello, I also used this feature a lot, but for copying images from different sources and pasting in MM.
Now copying elsewhere works, but pasting is not. Lasts for almost a week.

Very uncomfortable, please check

Same issue when we upgraded to Mattermost Version: 8.1.2

Copy paste within MM or from outside app like Chrome does not work any more. 300+ users are affected by this.