Running mattermost via script

When running mattermost from script ( *.bat or *.ps1) there is no option to Allow access to microphone.

Steps to reproduce
run bat script “start mattermost.exe”

Expected behavior
Everything is similar to running mattermost.exe via GUI.

Observed behavior
Microphone is not working. Got message “Allow mattermost access to microphone”.

Also when entering "await navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices(); " in console, get:
InputDeviceInfo {deviceId: ‘f83074a59e8183561342916ec8a0d83f71bf18990b2acd04b872b62041b5c64f’, kind: ‘audioinput’, label: ‘Микрофон (VT Lync USB Mono)’, groupId: ‘6d3029d338b21336dd435f14e1d5efc4f035ab38e17bbb63e753aa9f8a20a3d3’}

When entering “await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio: true, video: false});”
get “Uncaught DOMException: Could not start audio source”

When entering “await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio: {deviceId: {exact: ‘f83074a59e8183561342916ec8a0d83f71bf18990b2acd04b872b62041b5c64f’}}});” (id from enumerateDevices)
also get “Uncaught DOMException: Could not start audio source”