Server address and url address

How do I add the server address and url address so that its automatically filled in for new users who are about to sign onto mattermost to use the internal chat server?. I have found in linux that the config file is set per user which is not ideal if we have 50 users who need to enter these details.

Hi @nish, would you be able to specify where the server address would be automatically filled in?

So when a new user for the 1st time signs into mattermost right before they create their user account its asks for mattermost server address and mattermost url, this information would be good to be auto filled so that users just have to only create their user account and not remember server details.

I have found a document how to add server url for clients but I do not see the folder or js file in my client install.

You can customize and distribute your own Mattermost Desktop application by configuring src/common/config/buildConfig.js.

Where do I find this and why do I not have this on my client install?

Hi @nish, what Mattermost desktop and server versions are you on?

Desktop version 4.2.1
server 5.11.0

@nish What operating system are you using?

@paulrothrock using centos 7.4 to 7.6 for workstations. The server, proxy and postgress database is built on centos7.6.