Service started but unreachable

In the backup process I stopped Mattermost from, and then restarted. But while ctlscript says all services are running Mattermost is unreachable from any UIs.

How can I diagnose from command line?

What operating system are you running, database are you using, and what exactly is I’ve never heard of the use of said script in Mattermost, at least from the versions that I’ve been using.

Sorry should have said using Bitnami image of Mattermost team edition on Linux & mysql. It could be a Bitnami thing, but mattermost (and mysql) running fine after update to latest Mattermost.

Alright, and are you using Apache or Nginx? Also, I sincerely apologize for the delay in response, life’s responsibilities have been taking up a extremely large amount of my time unfortunately.

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