Set a Team / Channel to Read Only?

Is there a way to stop all users from posting in a channel or a team? I’d like them to be able to read what has gone before but not post anything new.

Hi @k-sama, we are currently working on this feature for Enterprise Edition.

This is something i’ve been looking for as well. A bit sad to see it wont be in the community version :frowning:

Is there a roadmap for it’s release in the enterprise edition @amy.blais ?

My goal is to setup an “announcement” channel that would be read-only in this case (reactions allowed).

Has there been any progress on this? We’re also really needing this capability for team admins to be a able to make certain channels read only.

Hi, @shred

Based on my research, the team is working on it based on the MM-11670 - Channel Moderation Settings ticket. Though there is nothing solid set in stone yet, I recommend you to add this to your watchlist to keep yourself updated with the progress. Hope that helps.

Restricting post permission by channel (read-only channels) is coming in 5.22 with an E20 license.

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