Setting Up TLS for MM - Need CSR

Hi all,

I just set up MM for the first time, and it looks promising. We need to set it up with a SSL cert next, from the instructions it seems like I can get away with just TLS. Setting up a proxy server is daunting right now, don’t have much time. Where can I find the syntax for the command to generate the CSR? I just can’t seem to find it…


Hello, @RobertLawton

May I know if you have checked on step 2 in the Set up mutual TLS authentication for the Web App documentation and verify if it works for you?

openssl req -new -key mmuser-mattermost.key -out mmuser-mattermost.csr

Let me know how it goes on your end.

I use the fullchain.pem and privkey.pem generated by letsencrypt, just set them in the configuration


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Thanks for the responses! I did read and reread the manual, I think we have the right cert now. I was confused by the difference between just TLS and using the proxy.

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Wonderful! Happy to know that the right certificate is in place now. I trust that the Mattermost deployment is now up and running, @RobertLawton?

It is,and I really am enjoying it. :slight_smile: Thanks!