Should I receive iOS/Mail notifications for posts incoming webhooks by my user?

I have set up gitlab to notify on push events to a private group. The integration is configured as my user. I have set up my surname as a trigger word, as well as ‘push’ and ‘master’ which are highlighted in mattermost, but even after waiting for 5 minutes neither mail is nor iOS push notification (with specified test server) is sent. Desktop notifications are on ‘all’, email is ‘on’ and the group ones just say ‘global’.

Am I doing something wrong? I mean, considering I want to collaborate with other users using this way, I definitely feel that I should be receiving notifications/mails.

Hi @GhostLyrics, there might a bug/issue here with the notifications not coming through because you are the one who set-up the webhooks. See what Mattermost is actually doing is posting using your user account and replacing the name/icon with that of your integration’s choosing, as well as adding a ‘BOT’ tag to the post.

It’s possible that on the server (responsible for sending your mail/iOS notifications) that it sees the post is from you (even though it’s from a webhook) and skips sending the notification to you. I believe that the desired behaviour is to treat webhook posts as if they were from a different user in this case, so any webhook that you created will still send notifications to you? If so, I will create a ticket to fix this and have it processed by our triage team.

As a workaround for the time being, you can create another user account to create the webhooks for the integrations and that should send notifications to your main account whenever your integration posts.

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Well, yes, I expected to be notified for external activity too, not just my collaborators when I purposely set up notifications for external activity. xD

Yes, coming from another platform *cough* I expected the bots to not be my user impersonating a bot, but some sort of system function, leading to both collaborators and me getting notified. Because - something I find rather obvious - I want to be notified if someone else got some work done.

The workaround was something that occurred to me too, but I wanted to verify that the behavior I was seeing was the expected one going from the current codebase.

thanks for making that clear.

Glad to help. I’ve created a ticket to fix the issue here if you’d like to follow it’s progress.