Can't get hosted push server working


Which version of Mattermost or GitLab are you using?


A link to documentation you’re using to install and the specific step at which you’re failing

As stated in the documentation, I added the but for some reason none of my team members receive any push notifications ever.

What variations have you made that differ from the instructions?

Actually nothing.

Relevant output of error logs in mattermost.log

Thanks for any input!

Hi @frdmn, there was not a link to documentation in your report. Could you confirm whether you completed the troubleshooting procedure in the documentation?

Good morning @matterbot,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not sure which link you are looking for in special, but I did indeed all the steps from your documentation.

GitLab 8.5.1 should include Mattermost 2.0, but your log files say you’re using Mattermost 1.4.

Please upgrade to Mattermost 2.0, install Mattermost iOS app 2.0 and try the procedure again?

@matterbot Damn, you are totally right. I didn’t even notice that the official docker image still uses 1.4.0 (

However, i just did a upgrade to 2.0.0 and I still don’t receive any push notifications. Here’s the new log file:

Let me know if you need more information.

Please confirm if you’re able to receive email notifications as expected?

@matterbot Yes, we do. However, can you explain how the push notification work in general? Should we receive them in real time or with a delay like the mail notifications?