[SOLVED] Autocomplete inactive users in from: field of find box

The Find box supports “from:” which supports searching for posts by both active and inactive users. However, the autocomplete excludes inactive users, which makes it less clear that searching for posts by inactive users is possible, and also makes it less easy to do so.

I believe the autocomplete in the Find box should include inactive users in their own subsection.

The autocomplete provided when writing posts should continue to exclude inactive users as it does currently.

Hey @gubbins, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve queued it for our UX discussion and will circle back to you.


Hi @gubbins, we discussed this in UX and we think it makes sense to include inactive users in the autocomplete, but we’re going to hold off having it in its own section, as we don’t want to neccessary draw attention to the inactive users. We’d also like to hear if there’s any more community feedback on including them!

OK. Just to be clear, they’ll only be in the autocomplete of the find box (not the message post area), right?

Sorry for the delay in reply - that’s correct!

Hi @yang,

I am using mattermost 4.2.0 and it seems that this functionality has been removed again. If I type “from:” in the find box, the autocomplete does not display any inactive users. Is this deliberate?


Hi @gubbins,

Yes, this is by design - deactivated users are not shown in from: autocomplete in search.

Hmm - but as @yang said above:

we think it makes sense to include inactive users in the autocomplete

It seems the decision was made to implement this. I thought it had actually been done - I seem to recall seeing it working in an earlier version…

Regardless, I think it’s important for the same reasons as above. Just because someone has left our company does not mean I no longer need to search for things they posted (in fact it’s quite common for users here to try to do exactly that).

Hi @gubbins,

I found the original discussion we had and it matches what Yang said above, so this is definitely a bug. I’ve filed a ticket to fix this: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PLT-7719

Thanks @hmhealey for that

Thanks @gubbins @hmhealey

I’ll close this off here for now and we can track via the Jira ticket linked above.