[SOLVED] Can't play or download audio files on iOS?


Can’t play or download audio files on iOS

Steps to reproduce

Post audio file (wav, flac) and try to view or download it.

Expected behavior

hear audio or receive file download

Observed behavior

not hear audio nor receive file download

Download link does nothing. Clicking to play shows large “play” symbol, but it does nothing.

Hi @nedaura,

Thank you for your report.

We were tracking the issue with this ticket which has recently been closed in favour of adding this feature to the new React Native iOS app which is currently in beta testing stage.

If you’d like to help test the app, please visit the testing instructions page. Your help will be very much appreciated!


Thanks - I don’t use iOS but I will pass the link on to the user who does.

Thanks @nedaura!

I’ll mark this issue as resolved then :slight_smile: