[SOLVED] When uploading videos from iOS cannot playback in iOS

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when I shoot a video with my iPhone and upload this to mattermost I get a video icon. Even if I open this video on the same iPhone I cannot play it back. Is that intentional?


Hi @Twilek,

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Here is a link to the supported video files. Hope this helps?

Hi @lindy65
iOS uses Quicktime MOV, which as far as I understand it is a container which today uses the h.264 mpg4 format. So Mattermost should/could play it back? But I am not an expert on video formats.

Hi @Twilek,

I’ll ask one of our product managers for the expected behaviour as I’m not 100% certain myself.

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Hey @Twilek,

Could you tell me whether you’re trying to play the .mov in the Mattermost app downloadable from the app store or whether it’s the beta iOS react native app you’re trying it in?

Also, when you have uploaded the video and click on it, does it just display like an image file (with no option to play)? Is there an option to download only?

I uploaded it with the native App. The original gets an error when uploading a video.

This is what it looks like on the native app

Clicking on it in the native app

Clicking on it in the original app

That is what it looks like in the original app

Clicking Download in the original app

That is what it looks like in the web client

Thank you for your feedback @Twilek,

The product team let me know that the native app supports only image previews at the moment, so it’s expected that the video won’t play.

For the old app that’s downloadable on the play store, it’s also expected for the only option to be “download” as the playback feature is not supported from within the app.

I think there are two options: you could wait until the new native app supports video playback or you could create a feature suggestion to have this added to the current iOS app.

Hope this helps?

Already did that :smiley: So now everybody get votin! :pencil2:

I am wondering that no one else has really noticed that. In other messengers short video clips are a staple.

Tanks for your efforts!

Thanks @Twilek for adding a feature request and posting back the link! Appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ll close this off now that we have a feature request to track it with.

Hi, everyone.

For a little bit more context on another issue that users may run into, please take note of the following which affect MP3 files:

Please add yourself as a watcher to the ticket if you face the same issue. Thanks.