Error video ios, help me

when I shoot a video with my iPhone and upload this to mattermost I get a video icon. Even if I open this video on the same iPhone I cannot play it back. Is that intentional?

What Mattermost mobile app version are you on?
What iOS version are you on?

Hello, @lacazet2k

I have tested this on the following environment and verified that I was able to play back the video that I uploaded to my Mattermost channel.

  • Mattermost Server 5.20.1
  • Mattermost iOS Mobile app 1.28.0 (Build 268)

I tested this in 2 different scenarios:

  • A video in which I recorded using the Camera app and uploaded it to Mattermost
  • A video in which I recorded within the Mattermost app itself and uploaded it to Mattermost directly from the app

Can you please confirm the behavior that you are getting by providing screen shots / screen recording from your mobile device? Take note that the video is not automatically playable when you are viewing it from the desktop / web app.

I have this problem too, both on ipad and iphone and since we post alot of videos in our company we consider leaving Mattermost for something else unless we can fix it. It has been like this for years.
The error message is ”Video playback failed. An error occured while trying to playback the video.”
Same error when browsing with Chrome, Safara or Firefox.
Works like a charm onall other platforms.