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When pasting a youtube video after adding in the YouTube API, the preview shows but you can’t actually play the video as it says “Video unavailable” after hitting the play button.

Steps to reproduce

I just set this up yesterday so everything is up to date. It’s client version 4.3.1 and the video links do not work in the mac app or the browser.

1.) paste youtube video link in conversation
2.) preview shows the image
3.) click the play button
4.) “video unavailable” shows instead of the video

Expected behavior

The video should play within the conversation

Observed behavior

The video doesn’t play at all.

Hi @richardsonje, what Mattermost server version are you on? Would you be open to gathering logs following these instructions? Did this start to happen after upgrading to v4.3.1?

I haven’t made any changes but the videos seem to be playing now. I’ve tried a couple and they are working. When doing the developer mode, I’m getting some errors though:

site webview did-fail-load

1. Event {isTrusted: false, errorCode: -3, errorDescription: "", validatedURL: "…tohide=1&border=0&wmode=opaque&fs=1&enablejsapi=1", isMainFrame: false, …}

  1. bubbles: false
  2. cancelBubble: false
  3. cancelable: false
  4. composed: false
  5. currentTarget: null
  6. defaultPrevented: false
  7. errorCode: -3
  8. errorDescription: ""
  9. eventPhase: 0
  10. frameProcessId: 6
  11. frameRoutingId: 17
  12. isMainFrame: false
  13. isTrusted: false
  14. path: (10) [webview#mattermostView0, div.mattermostView, div.row, div.container-fluid, div.MainPage, div#content, body, html, document, global]
  15. returnValue: true
  16. srcElement: webview#mattermostView0
  17. target: webview#mattermostView0
  18. timeStamp: 70922307.955
  19. type: "did-fail-load"
  20. validatedURL: ""
  21. __proto__: Event

As I said, it seems to be working now but i’m receiving that error

The videos that were displaying this on embed had “Copyrighted” music playing in the background. YouTube apparently does not play videos like this while embedded. We had our user remove the audio and re-uploaded the video and everything is working fine now.

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