Show mp4 video first frame and playbar directly instead of icon

Hello, we’ve just deployed Mattermost to replace Slack and are getting comfy.

Today users noticed that uploaded videos only show up as an icon with file info to the right. In order to play the video the user needs to click the icon, then a video overlay shows and click on the play icon starts the video.

Is there an option to display the contents of the video along with the playbar right in the channel instead? We post a lot of video files and need an option to see the contents in the channel to distinguish the posts.

If it helps, I’ll upload a screenshot of how it had been in Slack.

Thank you all.


Hi @andy58! I just have a few initial questions:

  1. Are you using desktop app / webapp / mobile app?
  2. Which Mattermost server version are you using?

I’m sorry…

  1. We’re using all apps
  2. I’ve upgraded to 4.9.2 last night.

Thank you.

@andy58 Thank you for the additional information!

I am not sure if we support previews of uploaded files, but if you post a link to a video in a channel and go to Account Settings -> Display -> Default appearance of image link previews -> Expanded, then the preview of all videos will show along with a “play” button. Does this describe what you are looking for? If you would love to see the same for uploaded files, I can check with our product managers on whether there is another setting to do that or whether this improvement is planned in the future.

Thank you Ami,

your description regarding previews for uploaded files match exactly to what we’d like to have and have relied on very heavily in Slack. Uploading files elsewhere is not an option for us, we need a straightforward workflow.

I hope your product managers have great news to share.

Have a great day.

Thanks @andy58 for the feedback. Agree this would be nice to have. This is not currently supported, you have to open the preview window to access the play controls. We don’t have this planned on our roadmap but we would be open to accepting the change if you are interested in contributing it? Another way to accomplish this would be writing a custom plugin.

Thank you @eric for getting back to me. As stated above we’ve relied upon this feature in slack and is a show stopper for us. Of course we’d be willing to contribute, however we aren’t programmers nor coders. I might have a look at the plugin option, but it looks quite overwhelming for my level of coding experience.

Basically it is what 4.7 brought for images:

“Mattermost 4.7 includes enhanced image previews and thumbnails that make it easier to see what’s in the images your colleagues share.”

Thank you for the feedback @andy58!

Would you like to contribute this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a help wanted ticket?

Please include a link back to this GitHub issue.

You get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.