Video Preview for *.mov files

In our Mattermost 5.0 instance:

  1. mp4 videos have a play button to launch a preview pop-up.
  2. youtube video (link) will launch an in-line preview

However, .mov files have a play button (just like the mp4) but links to download and not preview.

Question: is there a way to enable .mov file preview in-line or pop-up?


Hi @muzzo!

I was able to reproduce this also on 5.1 RC version and I believe this is something we don’t support yet.

Would you like to contribute this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a help wanted ticket!

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Thanks, Amy.

I just contributed this to the feature idea forum.


Hi, @muzzo.

Would you mind sharing the link to your feature idea here so other users can also cast their votes and share their thoughts on it should they have the same thought on their mind too?