[SOLVED] Can't save settings from system console (v.3.0.1)

I just up upgraded to Mattermost 3.0.1, and everything is running apart from two things:

  1. Mattermost doesn’t pick up the old profile pictures (even though the folders are there). Reuploading them fixes this.
  2. When I try to save settings in the system console I just get the error We received an unexpected status code from the server. (500). The config.json file (like everything else in the mattermost folder) is owned by mattermost:mattermost. So I don’t think it’s a file permission problem.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue saving changes in the system console.

I fixed the profile picture issue by chown-ing the mattermost folder with the user account I run it under. Profile pics were still there but was getting access denied on the file in the browser. I am still missing some webhook profile pics though, but other shown up. I get a 404 on static/images/webhook_icon.jpg

Just dealt with this right now. In my case the issue was I had nulls in part of the config file.

Specifically, I had to change the Ldap block from:

    "LdapSettings": {
        "Enable": false,
        "LdapServer": null,
        "LdapPort": 389,
        "BaseDN": null,
        "BindUsername": null,
        "BindPassword": null,
        "FirstNameAttribute": null,
        "LastNameAttribute": null,
        "EmailAttribute": null,
        "UsernameAttribute": null,
        "IdAttribute": null,
        "QueryTimeout": 60

to this:

    "LdapSettings": {
        "Enable": false,
        "LdapServer": "",
        "LdapPort": 389,
        "ConnectionSecurity": "",
        "BaseDN": "",
        "BindUsername": "",
        "BindPassword": "",
        "UserFilter": "",
        "FirstNameAttribute": "",
        "LastNameAttribute": "",
        "EmailAttribute": "",
        "UsernameAttribute": "",
        "NicknameAttribute": "",
        "IdAttribute": "",
        "SkipCertificateVerification": false,
        "QueryTimeout": 60,
        "LoginFieldName": ""

For your profile images, you might want to check what value you have for FileSettings.Directory in your config.json, and the permissions on that folder.

I’ve tried to change the LdapSettings as you suggested, but it doesn’t solve the problem on my side :cry:

I am on version 3.0.3

Thanks, as you said, it was just a problem of chow-ing the config.json
In my case case the owner was root instead of current user