[SOLVED] Clicking GitLab links in Mattermost client results in "You are already signed in." message on Fedora


I have Mattermost and GitLab running on the same server and I’m running/managing Mattermost separately from GitLab. I’m using the native linux client (v3.7.1) for connecting to Mattermost (4.4.2) and Chrome (62.0.3202.94) for accessing and manipulating GitLab on Fedora 27. For some reason if I click on a GitLab link in Mattermost (ex. https://example.com/group/project/merge_requests/1) it opens up a new tab in Chrome and redirects me to https://example.com/dashboard/projects/starred with a message at the top stating, “You are already signed in”. If right click in Mattermost -> Copy Link then paste that into a browser it works fine and does not cause an error.

Steps to reproduce

See summary.

Expected behavior

I’d expect that clicking on a link in Mattermost would not result in different behavior vs. copy/pasting the GitLab link in chrome.

Observed behavior

Clicking on GitLab link in Mattermost causes opened tab in chrome to error out with “You are already signed in”

I figured it out. It has something to do with how the OS (Fedora 27 w/KDE Plasma 5) was handling the request and passing it off to Chrome. Here’s the fix that seems to work:

  • Opened up the “Default Application Settings” in the KDE system settings (Personalization -> Applications)
  • Went down to “Web Browser” and changed “Open http and https URLs” from “in an application based on the contents of the URL” to “in the following browser: google-chrome”. Screenshot below shows the settings that work.


Great to see your issue is resolved @opalmer :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting back your solution!