[Solved] Failed to connect to localhost port 8065

First time setting up Mattermost and I am stuck with this error. I’ve been following this guide.

Steps to reproduce
I don’t think that anyone else could reproduce it. I may have made a small typo somewhere. I’m using the current version of Mattermost.

Expected behavior
I am on step #10 and item ‘f’ in the aforementioned guide. Tried running curl http://localhost:8065 and it returned Failed to connect to localhost port 8065: Connection refused.

Heya @GitOffMyBack! I noticed you had marked this thread as solved.

Were there by any chance any steps missing this from this guide that you might be able to help share on this thread?

Just asking, because I’ve noticed this has been a popular search here on the forums as of late.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!