[HELP]can not access localhost:8065 on windows version.

i compiled windows version of mattermost server, and add config file as config.json in attachment.
then i run the server, err.log in attachment also.

I would suggest providing more info. Copy and paste the log here. When did the issue start. What mattermost version. What windows version. What browser. What is the browser telling you. Have you tried rebooting? And do keep in mind that Windows isn’t officially supported.

Hello, @owey

The SqlSettings snippet you provided from your config.json looks alright to me. What I would like to know is whether you have configured your SiteURL under ServiceSettings. If you were trying to access from localhost:8065, it should look like this:

    "ServiceSettings": {
        "SiteURL": "",
        "LicenseFileLocation": "/opt/mattermost/license.txt",
        "ExperimentalLdapGroupSync": true

Based on the log snippet you shared from mattermost.log:

{"level":"info","ts":XXXXXXXXX,"caller":"app/server.go:984","msg":"Server is listening on [::]:8065","address":"[::]:8065"}

This means that your Mattermost instance is up and running. So, can you please let me know how your SiteURL look like? Thanks.

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